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Technical & Application Notes

​Savings and Applications Guide for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Solutions
This comprehensive application note covers power factor analysis, benefits in use, and guidance for calculating, specifying and applying power factor correction capacitors

Reliability of CD Aero Lighting Capacitors Supported by Accelerated Life Testing
Accelerated life testing studies in our R&D lab demonstrate the superior performance of CD Aero capacitors made in our China facility versus other commercially available alternatives.

New Polymer Dielectric For High Energy Density Film Capacitors
Presented at CARTS 2008

Technical Note Archives

Motor-Run Capacitors, Appliance Manufacturer
The paper traces out construction changes in the metallized film motor run capacitor and their impact on equipment SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. The paper specifically covers metallized construction changes from 1986 to 1993.

Expanding the Safe Operating Area of Polypropylene Dielectric IGBT Snubber Capacitors, Presented at PCIM Conference in Nurmberg, Germany
The paper describes important developmental changes of IGBT film capacitors in recent years with focus on increasing power handling capability and increasing reliability, including short circuit tolerance.

Capacitors for the Pulsed Power Industry
In the past five years, major strides have been made in the development of pulsed discharge capacitors that have both high reliability and high energy densities. This paper describes electrostatic capacitors with metallized electrodes for long pulse applications where the pulse width for fully discharging the capacitor is 200m seconds or longer. This group of capacitors includes numerous discharge applications for the military, medical and industrial fields, as well as DC filtering.
The Impact of Metallized Electrodes on High-Energy Density Pulse Power Capacitors, Presented at CARTS 
Over the past few years, CD Aero has been replacing foil electrode construction with metallized electrode construction in a variety of high-energy  density pulse power capacitors. The use of metallized electrode capacitors in these applications affects many capacitor characteristics including life expectancy, energy density, fault current withstand, reversal capability and dissipation factor. These issues are discussed in the paper.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors: Application and Maintenance
This paper describes the application of power factor correction capacitors in electrical systems having non-linear loads.

Mitigation of Harmonics on Low-Voltage Power Systems
This paper describes more details on the application of power factor correction capacitors in electrical circuits having non-linear loads.

Energy Storage in Polymer Laminate Structures - Aging and Diagnostic Approaches for Life Validation, IEEE Electrical Insulation, 13 (1):20
This paper describes the impact of the environmental factors on the life expectancy of polymer laminate capacitors.