Mil//Aero Applications

• Radar systems
• Missle systems
• UAVs  and base stations
•  Aircraft
• Radios and secure
• Ground-based military

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Military & Aerospace Products Group

Industrial Applications Group

When downtime in a mission critical application is a possibility, film capacitors are a design engineer's best choice.
CD Aero has extensive experience working within safe design limits to assure high quality and reliability for military and aerospace applications. Our broad standard product line, custom capabilities and rigorous manufacturing and testing processes enable us to provide film capacitors for a wide range of military and aerospace functions, including:


  400 Hz aircraft power systems
  DC link capacitors
  Inverter networks
  Switching power supplies
  Actuation systems
  Strategic motor controllers

  • Bulk storage
  EMI filter networks
  Traction systems
  Battery backup
  Airport lighting

Key Features
• US-based high reliability manufacturing capability

• Multiple dielectric and packaging options
• Custom design capability
Ability to test to military specifications and/or customer-
  defined requirements
ITAR compliant
• UltraThermTM option for high temperature applications