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   Medical Products Group


Proven reliability and high level performance for medical applications
CD Aero's film capacitors are widely used for hospital, emergency room and other medical applications. With over 20 years’ experience providing system critical capacitors for the high reliability medical market, CD Aero has a clear understanding of customer needs and expectations. CD Aero is the leading supplier of capacitors for external defibrillator applications, with over 1.25 million capacitors shipped with zero reported field failures.

CD Aero capacitors are designed with extensive process validation and manufactured for high reliability, long life and complete traceability. Our broad range of capacitor types can address most applications. If your product or application requires a specialized film capacitor, the expert engineers in our Custom Applications Group are ready to assist you.

Key Features
• 100% electrical testing
• Custom designs and form factors
• Round, oval and flat designs
• Plastic or aluminum cases
• Wide capacitance range (see specific application)
• High voltage designs (see specific application)
• High current (see specific application)
• Expertise in requirements of Class III Medical Devices

Medical Applications
• Cosmetic Lasers
•  Lithotripters
•  X-Ray Systems
• External Defibrillators
• Hospital Beds
• Medical Chairs & Lifts
• Monitoring Systems
• Power Supplies
• More Applications

Cosmetic Lasers, Lithotripers & X-Ray Systems

CD Aero provides customized film capacitors for pulse-forming and DC filtering applications up to 50,000 VDC in a wide capacitance range. Constructed of aluminum foil, paper, polypropylene or single-sided metallized polypropylene in aluminum or plastic cases, dry or oil-filled with multiple terminal configurations.
• High current designs over 1,000 Amps peak
• Capacitance Range: 0.01 µF to 50,000 µF
• Capacitance Tolerance: ±3% to ±10%
• DC Voltage Range: Up to 50 kV
• Operating Life: Up to 100 million shots
• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +55°C typical; higher temperature limit available 
• Low inductance 
• Designed for user specified life

External Defibrillators

Our film capacitors for external defibrillator applications are specifically designed to meet the stringent customer demands of a Class III medical device
• Round or oval, aluminum or plastic, oil-filled or dry, epoxy-filled
Capacitance Range: 32 to 650 µF
• Capacitance Tolerance:  ±5% Standard
• DC Voltage Range:  800 to 8,000 VDC
• Energy density: up to 2.00 J/cc
• Available with wire harness
• Monophasic or bi-phasic designs
• Customization to meet specific requirements
• RoHS compliant

Hospital Beds, Medical Chairs & Lifts

CD Aero’s motor run film capacitors for line frequency induction motors are built with UL-810 standard fault current protection and contain a proprietary pressure sensitive interrupter system. Available in industry standard round and oval, oil-filled, aluminum can designs as well as a European styled aluminum or plastic can with a mounting stud on the bottom.

• Capacitance Range: 0.5 µF to 120 µF
• Capacitance Tolerance: ±10% standard; ±3% to ±6% optional
• AC Voltage Range: 120 VAC to 660 VAC
• Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C standard; +90°C high temperature versions available
• Approval Certification: UL, cUL, CE2, IEC 60252
• RoHS compliant

Monitoring Systems

The higher voltage ratings and rugged construction of CD Aero’s high voltage film capacitors make them suitable for medical applications beyond the capability of general purpose units. Constructed with metallized film; available in round or oval aluminum cases with many terminal options.
• Capacitance Range: 0.25 μF to 80 μF
• Capacitance Tolerance: ±3% to ±10%
• AC Voltage Range: 660 VAC to 1,200 VAC (Inquire about special voltage ratings.)
• DC Voltage Range: 1,200 VDC to 2.000 VDC
• Operating Temperature: -40°C to +90°C
• Dissipation Factor: 0.1% max.@ 60 Hz and 25°CInsulation Resistance: >1,000 MΩ x µF
• Withstand Voltage: Terminal to terminal 1.75 x WVAC; terminal to case 2.0 WVAC + 1 kVAC
• Capacitance Stability: ±3% throughout life
• Insulated Bushings: High cup standard over 1,000 VAC (1,750 VDC)
• Operating life: >60,000 hours 
•  Approval Recognition: UL, cUL, File# E51176 
• Pressure interrupter meets  UL810 requirements 

Power Supplies

For power conversion applications such as switching power and solid state switching, IGBT snubber capacitors are designed for the high peak current operation required for protection against transient voltages. Standard voltages of 630 VDC to 3,000 VDC for 100,000-hour operation are available for direct or board mounted configurations.
• Capacitance Range: 0.033 µF to 20.0 µF
• Capacitance Tolerance: ±5%; ±10%
• AC Voltage Range: 630 VAC to 3,000 VAC
• DC Voltage Range: 250 VDC to 3,000 VDC
• Operating Life: >100,000 hours
• Dissipation Factor: <0.1% @ 1 kHz
• High dV/dT; low inductance
• Wide temperature range; low ESR
• Approval Certification: CE to IEC 61071
• RoHS compliant